Proven results

CAVIFAST 2 the cavitational lipolysis

Traitement amincissant grâce à la CAVIFAST de DERMEO

Instant loss of 1 up to 8 cm


The CAVIFAST 2 device emits low frequency ultrasounds (38 kHz +/-2 kHz) which are diffused by two handheld transducers. CAVIFAST 2 allows the treatment of excess localised fat and reduces the built-up layers thanks to the indicate transducer : the concave allows you to work on small areas and treat fibrous cellulite (the skin looks odd when the person is standing up. It is painful and tough when touched). The flat transducer targets edematous cellulite (the skin looks odd when the person is standing up or lying down. It is characterised by liquid stagnation and adipocytes which are full of triglycerides).

Fast, effective and non-invasive treatments. The results are visible and measurable from the first session

CAVIFAST 2 is provided with handheld transducers with a diameter of 50 mm which corresponds to a treatment area of 19,6 cm2. The treatment is performed very quickly allow to obtain a larger profitability

Transducteurs de l'appareil CAVIFAST de DERMEO

The power of the transducers is more than 60 Watts for a diameter of 50 mm, which means a power of 3 W/cm2 (RMS).

Autocalibration of the transducers

Appareil à ultrasons basse fréquence de DERMEO

The CAVIFAST 2 has 2 programs :

  • Remodelling: Important work which goes deep down
  • Maintenance: Less intense work that is more at the surface

The CAVIFAST 2 device respects the international medical norms of CEI EN 60601-1 and CEI EN 60601-1-2.