Made in France

The top quality of the production tools deployed by DERMEO meets the requirements of French manufacturing protocols. Thanks to the effectiveness of its R&D department, DERMEO has applied for numerous patents. DERMEO deals with the leading suppliers in France or Europe to obtain only the best available components.


The strategy relying on innovation and quality, coupled with an excellent knowledge of international regulations, has enabled DERMEO to extend to the five continents.

DERMEO selects the best French subcontractors for the manufacturing of parts, designed by DERMEO, to ensure the best quality. These partners also work with prestigious companies in the medical, scientific and aeronautics industries (Matra, Thales, EADS, Dassault Aviation, ALSTOM, IER, etc).

The design and manufacturing phases are carried out by a team of electronic engineers, specialized in energy conversion, computer science, optics, mechanics and plastics. In order to ensure transparency and traceability of its devices, and to guarantee maximum safety to its customers, DERMEO enforces strict control in all manufacturing steps.