CAVIFAST2® Radio Frequency

The CAVIFAST 2 radiofrequency device acts on the superficial and deep layers of the dermis to treat excess of fat deposits as well as sagging skin. Fibroblasts are stimulated when submitted to heat (from 55°C). This phenomenon improves the firmness and tightness of the skin. 

The multifrequency generator, which is adjustable by the operator from 0.3 to 2 MHz, enables to adapt the depth of penetration of waves depending on the area treated. 

The multipolar applicator can be used to treat the body as well as the face. 

The built in temperature sensor on the DERMEO hand pieces continuously monitors the temperature to ensure that the results are obtained in complete safety. 



Radiofrequency consists of the emission of short waves, with a high or low frequency. 

The diffusion is ensured by the use of applicators with monopolar, bipolar, or multipolar poles. Multipolar applicators lead to a better distribution of energy.

Adjusting the frequency used for the treatment is essential to determine the depth of penetration of the waves.
A high frequency treatment induces a treatment closer to the skin surface.

At each pole shift, the kinetic energy being converted into heat raises the temperature of the tissue.

The objective is to heat the deep dermis, without burning the surface, that is, the skin.


The CAVIFAST 2 radio frequency device can treat sagging skin as well as fat excess. 

The radiofrequency technique allows the heating of the dermis between 55°C and 65°C below the skin surface, which allows the stimulation of the fibroblasts from 55°C, and the rupture of the membrane of the adipocytes (fat cells) from 65°C.

Subsequently this heat appears back at the surface and reaches 40°C to maximum 42°C, an optimum temperature which does not cause any skin damage.
The temperature sensor built in to the DERMEO hand pieces continuously monitors the temperature to ensure compelling results in complete safety.

The treatment can be split up into 2 objectives:

  • To tighten the skin (for example the neckline or cheek); and
  • To refine while reshaping (for example the inner thighs or abdomen).

CAVIFAST 2 acts on the superficial and deep layers of the dermis, allowing to also treat excess fat deposits as well as sagging skin. Under the effect of the warmth, the collagen fibres will shrink, resulting in an immediate effect in the form of tightened skin.

The radiofrequency technique used by the CAVIFAST 2 is a non-invasive method which renegerates the collagen, tightens the skin, and improves its overall texture.



Radiofrequency can treat areas such as the:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Saddlebags
  • Entire buttocks; and
  • Thighs

Treatment time: 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the area

For an optimal result, a treatment package of between 6 and 8 sessions is recommended. 

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* The products and treatments proposed may be subject to specific regulations. Users or purchasers are responsible for verifying the regulations applicable in the country of use, as well as the specific conditions of use of this equipment with the correct authorities and their distributor.
In the United States of America the authorized claims by the F.D.A. for our device are: removal of unwanted hair from phototype skin I to V, treatment of benign cutaneous vascular lesions from phototype skin I to III, treatment of benign pigmented epidermal and cutaneous lesions from phototype skin I to III, treatment of inflammatory acne from phototype skin I to III.